It's good to be back.


It’s oh so very good to be back. The Jones Sports Company would like to extend its appreciation for the movement to bring back an icon. 40 years in the remaking, with a passion for purity, Jones is thrilled to have the re-release of The Original Jones bag on our shoulder, and aspirations to continue bettering the golf world in sight. We look forward to uniting generations around this legendary bag as we bring a vintage piece back to life.

The vision for Jones is to retain its dominance in the golf industry and assert itself as the premier traditional carry bag on the golf circuit by bringing back the recognition and distinguished identity held in its prime. We look to relieve the ever-growing nostalgia of those that once had the pleasure of carrying a Jones bag. When you strap on a Jones, you’re not carrying a bag, you’re carrying a legacy.

We also hope that you will keep an eye out for more to come from the Jones Sports Company as we delve beyond just the golf bag industry. The Lemman family, the third owner of Jones, also acquired Forrester outerwear and plans to soon partner the two brands, thus creating the perfect golf duo. The future of Jones has its sights set high on launching lines of apparel, luggage, and other accessories that change the way golf is played.

The best thing in golf is back to regain its throne. #PlayersWanted

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